Quality Management System Upgrading

2nd modification, June 2008

Upgrading the standard of services of the Institute for Forensic Sciences through the introduction of a suitable quality management system

Justice and home affairs

Hungary, (Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement; Institute for Forensic Sciences)


To improve the rate of cases which are brought to, and are defendable at court on the basis of forensic expert re-ports.

To create the frame for credible and authentic operation of laboratories of the Institute for Forensic Sciences (IFS), Hungary through the development and introduction of a suitable quality management system.

of the comprehensive monitoring report states that “In the area of police cooperation and combating organised crime, efforts are still required to ensure that Hungary has an accountable, reliable and fully coordinated police organisation by accession.” as well as “In particular, .... new methods of technical crime investigation should be developed.”

Hungary, as a new member of the EU, is committed to continuous improvement of its activity in the areas of police co-operation and combating organised crime, the fight against terrorism, and the fight against drugs.

The Institute for Forensic Sciences is the central forensic laboratory and expert body under the aegis of the Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement and is closely linked to the European forensic community as the only Hungarian member institute of the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI). The seven departments of IFS represent 11 disciplines of forensic sciences and perform the vast majority of forensic laboratory investigations in Hungary. Recently, by the help of a Phare project (2003/004-347-03-03), IFS has purchased highly sophisticated equipment and has been refurbishing its laboratory buildings to improve the standard of technical infrastructure.

The certification of the credible and authentic operation of forensic laboratories has become an urging need in Hungary. On one hand ENFSI, recognising that the fight against organised crime needs highly standardised forensic support, requires in its constitution that all member institutes should be accredited as soon as possible. On the other hand, the Hungarian courts put more and more emphasis on the certification of the credibility of forensic evidence. At present there is no forensic laboratory accredited in Hungary on the fields of disciplines represented in IFS.

In response to this twofold pressure IFS is committed to developing and introducing a suitable quality management system and, as a further goal, to get its laboratories accredited by the National Board of Accreditation to guaranty the credibility of the results of its laboratory.

As a result of the project IFS will have developed and introduced its quality management system and will have established the conditions to initiate the accreditation procedure. In particular:

  • Quality manuals including SOPs (standard operation procedure) will be developed;
  • Staff members will be trained in the concept and operation of the quality management system;
  • The structural and organisational changes necessary to introduction and operation of the quality management system will be in place;
  • Equipment will be prepared for accreditation.
All indicators are relevant and the successful pre-audit by ENFSI true allembracing proof of the achievement.

A single service contract will be concluded which covers all the activities listed below, necessary to achieving the results of the project:
  • Needs assessment;
  • Quality management system design and development;
  • Preparation of documents;
  • Calibration and verification of instruments;
  • Testing;
  • Training;
  • Internal audit.
The means used in the contract are expert time and services.

All technical and administrative aspects of the project shall be the responsibility of Ministry of Justice and Law En-forcement. The beneficiary is the Institute for Forensic Sciences which will be in charge of receiving the services provided in the frame of the project. IFS has the technical infrastructure and human resources both in terms of quantity and quality which are necessary to receiving the services and utilising the results of the project.

, PhD., Quality Manager

Tel.: (+361) 477-2162, fax: (+361) 477-2185

E-mail: janos.foldi@orfk.police.hu

The Central Finance and Contracts Unit will take responsibility for contracting and payment.

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The selection procedure of the service provider will be according to the Hungarian Public Procurement Law.

A single service contract was concluded in February 2008 in net value of € 174.800. One or more additional service contracts will be concluded for the outstanding € 75.200.